About me

I am a computational chemist turned data scientist, working as a machine learning modeler at Square and expanding my data science/machine learning knowledge on the side. I also love baking sourdough bread and generally experimenting in the kitchen, as a way to use my chemistry degree in real life!

During my PhD at UC Berkeley, I worked on modeling the large-scale behavior of molecules attached to the surface of nanoparticles, known as ligands, and investigating the structures they formed. While doing so, I developed my skills coding in Python for analyzing molecular simulation data on the order of hundreds of gigabytes.

Since graduating, I worked on the data science team at Gyant, understanding and improving user experiences on the platform, while building out analytics to provide reports to clients. Now I work at Square as a machine learning engineer, developing and deploying models to guide marketing campaigns for new acquisitions.

I really enjoy the aspect of using data to answer these difficult questions and predict trends that can be useful in deciding new directions and areas to focus on. I’m looking forward to doing so more and more on my journey through the world of data science and machine learning!